Photo Restoration Services


Repairing Damaged Photos

We all have them, photographs that were not properly cared for, or that were damaged through uncontrollable events. I want to help you bring back these treasures to the best possible condition. Removing scratches, marks, stains and other artifacts, that were not a part of original photographs, helps transform them into family works of art that can be treasured anew.


Colorizing Photographs

Colorizing photographs bring them back to life, and in a manner that enables you to see former relatives in a timeless way. Do you have B&W or sepia that are dull and lacking of vibrancy? While not all B&W or sepia photos are compatible to colorization, some photos come alive with a splash of color. 


Color and Tonal Corrections

Do you have photos that have faded over time? Are the colors in your photographs  distorted and not to true to live? These are problems that  can be corrected...even some photos that you thought were hopeless. Let me make those corrections for you and restore them to their former glory.



My Background

I have a passion for restoring photographs that are a part of our history. Using today's technology, and with over 30 years experience in photography arts, I want to transport you back to the past and help you re-experience  the lives and times of your families' history. I specialize in restoring photographs that are faded, have water or mold damage, are scratched or cracked, or have color distortion. I am paritculary excited about colorizating photos...bringing them back to life and making your ancestors more real to you. I also offer other digital photography solutions, such as scanning, color correction, photo organization, and photo presentations. Todays digital photography are preserved electronically, but aged images of the past are vulnerable to destruction through enviromental and destructive events such as fires and floods.  My services can help ensure your precious memories are protected. I work with digitally scanned images and take great care that your original images are not modified or damaged.

Other Services

Photographic Scanning


Depending on your location, I can provide scanning services  for you. Contact me at: or call on 703-910-2259 for more details.

Photo Retouching


I perform photo retouching services such as color correcting, image replacement, repair of faded images, background changes, removal of stains and other unwanted marks.

Specialized Digitial Imaging


Digital enhancements such as digital painting, glamourizing, stylized photography, landscape enhancements, and other techniques that give your photographs a unique look.